Cares for Cancer

  • With the Covid-19 pandemic, Cares for Cancer cannot hold their Fundraisers this past year or into next year. Cares uses the money raised to help families , within a 40 mile radius of Hankinson, with a major medical problem and need financial help for expenses that insurance will not pay. Hospice, Childrens Hospitals, Carringbridge and Individual Medical Benefits are other areas that Cares helps with. Cares is 100% volunteers so all funds go to the programs.

What you can do
  • Cares is running low on funds to keep the granting program to families going. Cares is asking if you can help by the donation of grain and have a check written to Cares for Cancer. You will receive a receipt for the donation from Cares, a 5013c3 organization making your donation deductable. 

How it works
  • Haul a load of grain in to any of our elevators, or use any unsold grain already delivered. Contact G4, Tyler, or Ben and tell them you would like do donate to Cares for Cancer.


500 bushel of soybeans x $11 = $5,500 donation

900 bushel fo corn x $3.80 = $3,420 donation